Selected solo Exhibitions 

2015              Hello, you’ve made it, Sarah Scout Presents, Melbourne

2015              We told ourselves we needed separate beds to sleep, Centre For Contemporary                                                    Photography, Melbourne

2013              I don’t know, really I don’t, Monash University Faculty Gallery, Melbourne

2012              I (who), What (what), [hello], Rae and Bennett, Melbourne

2011               Encounter with the Uncanny, Gippsland Regional Art Gallery, Sale, Australia

                         This is before that, (With Sanja Pahoki), Sarah Scout, Melbourne

                         Holding On/Looking Down, (With Hanna Tai), Light Projects, Melbourne

                         Sunny day, sunny day, how I wish for a sunny day, White Street Project Space, Frankston,                                 Australia

                         Used Hours/Wasted Hours/Reclaimed Hours (January), White Street Project Space,                                           Frankston, Australia

2010               Still Counting (Don’t Forget Me Again), Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne

                          If I take the time will I get it back?, Sarah Scout, Melbourne

2009              On Photography and Death, Conical, Melbourne

2008              17th of December, 1987, West Space, Melbourne

                         Manila Bites, Green Papaya Arts Project, Manila, Philippines

2007              Self portrait as canvas, PR Gallery, Swinburne University, Melbourne

2006              Ascension, Studio 12 Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne

2005             failure: a celebration, Alliance Française, Melbourne

                         Gradient Globes, (With Lani Seligman), Bus Gallery, Melbourne

2004              Time Flies Like Clocks, Fruit Flies Like Bananas, Kings Artist Run Space, Melbourne

             We’re happy and we’re small, 24seven, Melbourne

2003             In the beginning was the word (unless there was someone else speaking the word in                                     which case they were in the beginning), Kings Gallery, Melbourne

                         Enter Via The Train Line, Site specific gallery installation, Hope St, Melbourne                    

Selected group Exhibitions

2016               What happens now, Melbourne Biennial Lab curated by Natalie King, Queen Victoria Market,                                    Melbourne

2016               Is/Is not, West Space, Melbourne

2015               Some of them get the first look, Kings ARI, Melbourne

2015               The Door in the Wall, Blindside Gallery, Melbourne

2015               Written in Light, Geelong Gallery, Geelong

2015              The Image Becomes the Archive as part of S.O.A.P, Archiving and Fragmentation in the                                 Digital Age, Fort Delta, Melbourne

2014               The Big East (BIGGERER), Site responsive exhibition, various locations, Melbourne

                          Vertigo, Galeri Soemardja, Indonesia, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tapei, POSCO Art                                              Gallery Seoul

                          Dudproject#1, Kings ARI, Melbourne

2013               Unsettled Sculpture (curated by Melissa Keys), Sarah Scout, Melbourne

                          Does it Matter?, Kings ARI, Melbourne

                          Substation 12, Substation, Melbourne

                          The Big East, Site responsive exhibition, various locations, Melbourne

2012               Dudspace Christmas Special, Dudspace, Melbourne

                          Fifteen Melbourne Artists, Nanjing University of the Arts, Nanjing, China

                          Titled, Knight Street Art Space, Melbourne

                          Neon Salon, Dudspace, Melbourne

                          Killing two birds with two stones, Lowrise, Melbourne

                          Immanent Landscape, Japan Australia Foundation, Sydney

                          Neon Salon, Dudspace, Melbourne

2011                Here comes the tender (Whoopee we’re all going to die), Pallas Project, Dublin

                          Hevy, Conical, Melbourne

                          Immanent Landscape, KurumuyaMuseum, Japan

                          Ultra Neon, Light Projects, Melbourne

                          Better than art, Curated by Amy Marjoram, Kings ARI, Melbourne

2010               Delineated, RMIT Project Space, Melbourne

                          Unseen Forces, Institute of Contemporary Art, Sydney

                          Immanent Landscape, Westspace, Melbourne

                         A quarter turn on every screw, Kings ARI, Melbourne

2009             And the difference is, Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne

2008             Team Australia, Carlton Hotel, Melbourne

                         And the difference is, NUS Museum, Singapore

                         Octopus 8 The softness in the rock: Hope in disappointing times, Gertrude Contemporary                              Art Space, Melbourne

                          I might be wrong, Seventh Gallery, Melbourne

                          Forms of Deceit, Counihan Gallery, Melbourne

2007               Polar, Margaret Lawrence Gallery VCA, Melbourne

                          Inches Per Second, Raw Gallery, Brisbane

                          The Space In-between, Margaret Lawrence Gallery VCA, Melbourne

                          Rich Text, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne

                          Artist Who Sometimes Use Words, Upstairs Flinders, Melbourne

                          Nothing Rhymes with Failure, Victoria Park Gallery, Melbourne

                          Always On My Mind, TCB, Melbourne

                          A Bridge Too Far, Alliance Française, Melbourne

                          40 Degrees, Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne

                          To Near To Far, CareOf, Milan, Italy

2006               Gertrude Studios 2006, Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, Melbourn

                          One for the “Other”, TCB, Melbourne

                          Doubt, Conical, Melbourne

                          Border Crossings, Containers Project as part of Next Wave Festival

2005               A Portable Model Of…, , La Trobe Regional Gallery, Morwell

                          The Air Between Us, Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne

                          [07/00], EmergeD, Edinburgh, Scotland

                          VideoloveHateVideo, Arts Aporia, Osaka, Japan

                          A Short Ride in a Fast Machine, Gertrude Contemporary Art Space, Melbourne

                          What If, Wedding Circle,  Sydney

                          A Portable Model Of…, Plimsoll Gallery,  Tasmania

                          Wizards of Oz, Vancouver, Canada

2004       3015 Australia, 3015 association d’art contemporain, Paris, France

                          VideoLoveHateVideo, Phatspace, Sydney

                          Surface: Subject to change, Shed 14, Melbourne

                          Hatched, Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Perth

                          Matchbox, Platform, Melbourne

                          Exploration Five, Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne

                          Photography, Span Gallery, Melbourne

2003               Common Vernacular, Conical Gallery, Melbourne


2016              Is/Is not, West Space, Melbourne

2014              The Big East (BIGGERER), Site responsive exhibition, various locations, Melbourne

2013               The Big East, Site responsive exhibition, various locations, Melbourne

2011                Hevy, Conical, Melbourne (curated in conjunction with Lani Seligman)

2007               Polar, Margaret Lawrence Gallery VCA, Melbourne (curated in conjunction with Lani                                                       Seligman)

2006               Doubt, Conical, Melbourne (curated in conjunction with Lani Seligman)


2017                You, Me, They, We, commissioned for Bargoonga Nganjin North Fitzroy Library

2016               Upon this troubled sea i rest my head, commissioned as part of the Melbourne Biennial Lab


2016                 NETS Victoria Research and Development Grant

2012                 Arts Victoria Cultural Exchange

2011                  Arts Victoria Presentation Grant

2010                 City ofMelbourne Arts Grant

2008                City of Melbourne Arts Grant

2007                Arts Victoria Presentation Grant


2012                 Apexart New York City Fellow, New York

2010                 RMIT Summer Print Residency Recipient

2005 - 07       Gertrude Contemporary Art Space Studio Artist

2004                 Recipient of Bundanon Residency


2010-2014          Monash University, PhD

2001-2004          Victorian College of the Arts Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours)

1993-1995           Latrobe University Bachelor of Arts (History)

Kiron is currently a lecturer in the Photography department at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne University

Kiron is represented by Sarah Scout Melbourne www.sarahscoutpresents.com